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:: Hygiene line ::

In the hygiene line  GAMAR has designed the first innovative devices, such as atomiser to sanitise hands and feet, as well as equipment for tyre shops and car service stations. The complete production line including sanitising devices for shoes, helmets, work tooks (knives, brushes, etc...) was introduced on the market with GAMAR brand name in 1994; GAMAR production is mainly addressed to operators working in small and big companies such as agricultural/food processing factories, sport service, beauticians, hospitals and pharmaceutical labs.


The atomiser Sterihands has been especially studied to grant you a quick and safe protection against against germs and bacteria. Two versions available:
- battery-operated (12 V)
- with electrical connection, 230/115, 
   with 12 V working voltage.


Electronic atomiser for hands disinfection.
100% stainless steel.

DentalboxCabinet containing all necessary items for dentists' dayly work.
MultisanCabinet containing gloves, paper, cups, soap dispenser and sanitising solution
SterijetElectronic atomiser to sanitise feet and footwear.
SteriplusElectronic atomiser to sanitise the hands.
Steriplus InoxElectronic atomiser to sanitise and disinfect  the operator's hands at the entrance/exit of working areas in  food processing factories.
SterijobAtomiser for a quick and safe disinfection of footwear.
Sterlisers for knivesSterilisers for knives- working in compliance with current hygiene standards -  to be used in all food processing factories.
Sterlisers for glovesSterilisers for gloves - working in compliance with current hygiene standards - to be used in all food processing factories.
Shoe CleanerWashing machine with rotating brush in nylon fiber, for washing and disinfection of shoes, boots and clogs, top and sole included.
QuickWashQuickwash is a user-friendly and innovative machine for a perfect hands cleaning in any working field where the operators often touch grease, mineral oils and dust.
IgieniJetThe atomiser Igienijet has been specifically studied for a quick and safe disinfection inside shoes, boots and helmets.
 TEC- washbasinWashbasin made of AISI 304 stainless steel with pressed single-piece basin.
Meat blockMeat block totally made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Structure consisting of very thick sections and lower shelf. Height-adjustable feet.
Soap dispenser G8

Automatic, battery-operated soap dispenser for hand cleaning. Touch-free, quick and safe, user-friendly.

WipesWet wipes for cleansing and disinfection of hands and surfaces.

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