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GAMAR S.r.l. is located in Correggio (Reggio Emilia) and started its activity in 1980, as specialist in the manufacture of electro-mechanical equipment.

From the beginning the most important target of the company's management was to launch on the market a new line of equipment, which was fully developed and manufactured by Gamar's internal staff.

In the hygiene field, GAMAR has projected the first innovative devices, such as atomisers to hygienise hands and feet, as well as tyre service equipment; the company currently manufactures a complete line of sanitising devices for shoes, helmets, work tools (knives, brushes, etc...) which was introduced on the market in 1994 with brand name;  GAMAR production is mainly addressed to the companies working in the agricultural/food industry, as well as sporting, beautician, hospital and pharmaceutical field. 
GAMAR is  a young company, with the typical features of youth: energy, flexibility, will to improve, modern views and the strong wish to face the market's challenges. All this, joined with a long experience in the electro-mechanical field, allowed GAMAR to become in a few years  a leading company in the Italian and international market.


GAMAR's policy is based on three undisputable main points: advanced technology, high quality and effective customer service.
GAMAR equipment, projected and designed by a highly qualified staff, is manufactured with first quality raw materials,  as well as the latest production technologies. The products' design and colours are always studied with particular attention to allow the customer to place the units both in elegant and in sober and functional rooms.
A professional and strict quality control is carried out  during the various steps of the manufacturing process: each device is subject to various intermediate tests and a final check. This allows to find and remove any possible fault or imperfection, assuring highest quality and reliability.
Severe tests have been carried out on the sanitising solutions, to ensure the customer the utmost hygiene

GAMAR has been succesfully selling this product line on the Italian market for many years and is now concentrating its resources also on the foreign markets. GAMAR brand name is going to be more present in Europe (both EC countries and East Europe).
In addition, GAMAR is currently present also on international markets, such as United States, Thailand, South Africa,  etc... thanks to various distributors working in the various fields reported here above.
For products promotion on  international markets, GAMAR takes part  every year in the main exhibitions in this field.

GAMAR s.r.l.
42015 Correggio (RE) - Italy
Tel: +39 0522 691721 Fax: +39 0522 642641
VAT Number: C.F. e P.IVA 00544620354
E-mail: info@gamar.eu